Gear Oils

Hypoide Gear Lube
For high speed, low torque and low speed, high torque applications

This premium extreme-pressure gear lubricant provides superior foam and oxidation stability and reduces the risk of corrosion and deposits that can cause costly damage to your equipment. It’s formulated to stand up to high-temperature conditions.

  • Available in SAE 80W90 (Hypoide 90) and SAE 85W140 (Hypoide 140) grades
  • Exceeds API GL-5 and MIL-PRF-2105E requirements.

Transaxle Fluid
A unique drivetrain lubricant

Transaxle fluid provides smooth, quiet operation in specific applications.

  • Formulated to minimize deposits and corrosion of gear case and components.
  • Extends brake and gear life.
  • Viscosity grade SAE 80W-140