Mastergold HSP Engine Oil

Mastergold HSP Engine Oil (MAT- 3522)
A superior diesel engine oil

Mastergold HSP Engine Oil is a premium, high performance engine oil, specifically designed and tested to provide maximum protection, performance, and life, for the heavy-duty, high temperature operation of construction, agricultural, and other off-road diesel-powered equipment.

  • Provides superior protection against wear and corrosion. Helps keep engines exceptionally clean, minimizing deposits and maintaining excellent soot control.
  • Excellent cold-weather starting and operating performance.
  • Extensively tested and approved by CNH Engineering to provide outstanding performance in heavy-duty diesel engines operating under the most severe conditions.
  • Available in SAE viscosity grades
    • 10W (NH-301C)
    • 10W30 (NH-324H)
    • 30 (NH-303C)
    • 15W40 (NH-330H)
    • 20W50 (NH-336G)