Multi-G 134 Fluid

Multi-G 134 Fluid (NH-410B)
A Multi-Purpose hydraulic / transmission fluid

Multi-G 134 is a single fluid for hydraulic systems, transmissions, differentials, wet brakes and PTO clutches. A high quality hydraulic oil that is truly all-purpose. Designed for use in an ambient temperature range of -5F (-20C) to 120F (50C).

  • Friction modifiers and anti-wear additives provide protection from abrasion and scoring to crucial components.
  • Superior wear protection for hydraulic components, drive train gears and other transmission parts.
  • Supresses wet brake chatter, and enhances brake stopping capacity, including PTO brakes.
  • Provides good filterability for optimum hydraulic system performance.
  • Controlled frictional characteristics provide smooth operation of wet brakes and clutches.
  • Thoroughly tested and approved by CNH engineering. Meets NH specification NH-410B.