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January 31, 2023 • VISCOSITY, Industry
Farming has experienced numerous changes since the days of plowing fields with oxen and planting seeds by hand. Although the days of getting your hands dirty are far from gone, it’s no surprise that many of the manual tools that shaped the farming industry have been replaced with more advanced alternatives. This is especially true for large-scale operations. Today, farmers have access to a wide range of machinery and technology that makes their work simpler, faster, and more precise, introducing a sense of efficiency and modernity to the industry. However, even with all the great advances of today, manual tools still hold a significant place in everyday activities.

Family Farms: The Core of the American Economy   There are over 2 million farms in the US and about 96% of …


Know our people

MICHELLE TICZKUS “Understanding how other departments work has made us aware of how we impact each other” I’ve been working at VISCOSITY …


  Farming equipment undergoes various field conditions, from driving through dusty and rocky roads to performing in wet and extremely hot or …


  VISCOSITY aims not only to provide the best solutions in lubricants and oils but also the best customer service. For us, …


Know Our People

  I came to VISCOSITY from the waste management industry about six years ago. During my first years at the Company, I …


Building a better future

Building a better future Development and innovation are concepts that we understand very well at VISCOSITY. Leading the lubricants and oil industry …


  Tractors have been a staple of America’s fields ever since motorized vehicles first made their entrance into the agricultural sphere, with …

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30, 60, 90

Different equipment requires specific and specialized formulations. The oils and lubricants you use on your everyday vehicle will not perform the same on your off-road equipment, no matter the products’ quality, the power

know our people: Meet Cyndi

Meet Cyndi

I’ve been working in VISCOSITY for the last 31 years. I was working at an eye doctor’s office when I first decided to apply. I soon got an interview and was hired not long after that. When I first started, VISCOSITY was a small company, very much like a family.

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ULTRACTION Premium THF: the best choice for your equipment. VISCOSITY Oil was founded on the basis of progress and development. We have …

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