Precision Farming
Precision Farming: “information tools for the future”

Precision farming is a concept that has been gaining more relevance and popularity in recent years. In times when concerns such as soil erosion, water supply, and population demand weigh heavily on the farming industry, the combination of technology with low-cost satellites, drones, and mobile devices as well as new software, apps, and IoT can be used to define Decision Support Systems, becoming a part of the solution for many of these areas of concern. This results in a more sustainable, smart-based production that can help your business to not only be more competitive, but also to increase your growth potential and production revenue. Here are two must-have IoTs to improve your farming operations.


With the data feed coming from a low-cost satellite or drone directly into your computer or mobile device, GPS can allow you to easily navigate the layout of your field and help you make impactful decisions based on location, distribution, and conditions. GPS can accurately show soil variability and properties, layering down aspects such as unsuitable soil, presence of water and moisture, and weed dispersal. The collected data can be used to determine farming areas, the type of crop that will thrive the best on certain zones of the farmland, and plantation ratio and distribution.

Positioning technology can also aid in everyday processes. Once you have established your crop, GPS can keep track and optimize field conditions. Mapping the farm area can help calculate the levels of pesticide, herbicide, and fertilizer needed per square meter, while also keeping track of irrigation conditions. Another great advantage is machinery location and direction, which not only allows you to pinpoint a certain piece of equipment in the field— whether this be manned or not— but also allows you to plan the best route for it to navigate thus optimizing daily operations.

Recording the information provided by the GPS can help future processes. Understanding farmland conditions in connection with data can help producers to project harvesting periods and yield estimations, determining quantity and expected returns. 

Software and Apps

Precision farming aims to create the best Decision Support System for agricultural operations. Establishing protocols based on gathered data is key to maintaining and regulating procedures, and so, having an accurate software to collect and analyze the information in a single, multi-purpose hub is imperative.

Agricultural software offers complete platforms to improve farm management by keeping track of operations, ranging from seeding and cultivation, to maintenance and final harvest. Whether directly on your computer or as an app for tablets and smartphones, management software can also provide tools and resources to help with out-of-field operations, such as inventory and labor costs. They can contain a specific CRM to keep track of your client base, while also keeping information on suppliers, sales and external purchases, all aimed at improving budget administration and accounting, making it easier for you to maintain an orderly record to assess your returns on investment.

Information technology covers another area of production: your machinery. Here at VISCOSITY Oil, we have developed an interesting platform to add to your list of favorites. This platform aims to keep you informed on the state of your agricultural equipment.Based on the Contelligent platform, the VISCOSITY Everlub FLUID-I app can help you check your oil levels through accurate readings, captured by specialized sensors that connect to your smartphone providing accurate real-time, clear information. This tool will help you save valuable time, allowing you to verify oil levels remotely and program your changes, keeping your machinery running to keep your work in fluid motion.

Go smart and check all the different alternatives the market provides to develop a more sustainable, precise, and modern farm that can become a reliable source of revenue while meeting standards of quality and environmental protection.


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