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30-60-90: The Rules of the Field

Different equipment requires specific and specialized formulations. The oils and lubricants you use on your everyday vehicle will not perform the same on your off-road equipment, no matter the products’ quality, the power requirements between a mini excavator, a tractor, or any machinery used in field operations are, nonetheless, vastly different from each other.

At VISCOSITY Oil, we know how critical the quality of what you put in your equipment is for you and your work. We have formulated several products to account for the various needs that your daily operations and maintenance require, so it is really a matter of finding what’s best for your equipment and following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.

To better understand the importance of choosing the right products, there is a very interesting and useful way to illustrate it. Have you ever heard of the 30-60-90 rule?

The 30-60-90 Rule

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The best way to recognize just how different regular cars and trucks are from heavy machinery is to think about the 30-60-90 rule. This refers to the horsepower required for different vehicles to run properly on the road, and it notes that:

  • 30% of the horsepower is required by a light-duty truck to run under regular conditions.

  • 60% of the horsepower is required by a semi-truck to run on the highway while cruising, reaching its peak when going uphill.

  • 90% of the available horsepower is often used in your agricultural or construction machinery while performing in the field.

As you can imagine, the strain and pressure levels between a regular truck and off-road equipment differ considerably. And so does the maintenance that must be conducted to ensure it keeps working efficiently. One of the biggest differences that you will find is the regularity of the preventative maintenance (PMs), which are also based on different criteria; for starters, regular vehicles and trucks receive a checkup in accordance with the mileage, while agricultural and construction machinery usually measures its maintenance intervals in hours worked.

Cars usually get PM after their first 30,000 miles on the road and continue to get them after each 30,000-miles mark as a preventive measure. That maintenance schedule is also referred to as the “30-60-90 rule” (a PM after 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000 miles), but that rule doesn’t take into account the load (how hard the engine worked) placed on the engine during that period. For trucks, the recommended PMs happen after the first 10,000-15,000 miles of use, generally under regular conditions. Since reaching the mileages mark in off-road equipment is different from doing it in your city car or truck, one must take into consideration its much more severe duty cycle.

The general recommendation, regardless of the type of vehicle you have, is to conduct inspections regularly to make sure its operational. Changing oil, filters, coolants, checking the air levels on your tires. and a general visual inspection can make the difference and help you note possible issues. You can perform these revisions yourself following your manufacturer’s recommendations, or you can ask a professional; either way, these inspections by themselves are not enough and require a more thorough intervention to make sure everything, from the mirrors, to the alignment, to the internal components, is working properly.

Remember: there is heavy-duty and then there is WORK-DUTY. For a piece of equipment that uses 90% of its horsepower during the majority of its operations, counting on lubricants and oils designed to withstand such pressure and strain is key to maintain your daily production, but also to keep you safe from any unplanned equipment downtime and increase costs of ownership. Here at VISCOSITY, we’ve designed our products to endure weather, corrosion, rust, pitting, and heavy usage, among many different aspects, to ensure durability. Our comprehensive portfolio of superior products offers diesel engine oil, transmission hydraulic fluid, coolants, and everything your off-road equipment needs, so browse our website and find what fits your equipment the best!  Combined with unmatched customer service and over 125 years of lubricant leadership, VISCOSITY is the trusted solution for your off-road equipment needs for ALL MAKES and ALL CONDITIONSFORMULATED FOR ALL!


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know our people: Meet Cyndi

Meet Cyndi

Img shows Cyndi
Cynthia Santagata
I’ve been working in VISCOSITY for the last 31 years: I was working at an eye doctor’s office when I first decided to apply

I’ve been working in VISCOSITY for the last 31 years. I was working at an eye doctor’s office when I first decided to apply. I soon got an interview and was hired not long after that. When I first started, VISCOSITY was a small company, very much like a family. I joined the accounting department and, after being there for a couple of years, I moved into customer service. I’ve been here ever since, and although the company has grown over the years to become the corporation that it is today, it continues to be a great place to work for, filled with amazing people – many of whom have been here for a long time, like myself.

People don’t usually stay at one place that often, but I love my job and I’m proud to work here. It was challenging at first; it was all very new, and I had barely any knowledge of the oil business. It became a process of learning about our customers, products, and even the container sizes we had available. I needed to meet the dealers and learn a whole set of skills to provide the best solutions for customers who required specific products. Work has been an evolving process.

My favorite aspect of the job is my relationship with the dealers, our customers. I’ve known some of them for 20+ years and they’ve become friends.  Some have retired and, in some cases, their children are taking over their businesses. That’s the kind of relationship we have built over the years, gaining their trust through the fact that they know they’ll get what they need and that we are getting the job done when it comes to getting their orders entered on time and shipped correctly. Keeping our dealers informed is our top priority; we first contact them with their specific ship date and then the carrier will call them once the order is shipped, so communication is clear on all ends. It’s interesting to develop these business relationships and to become close enough with our customers to know about them and their lives outside the business. 

VISCOSITY has that warm, closeness factor dealers look for, and everyone in the company really goes above and beyond to make sure they are happy and taken care of. When I talk with these dealers, they tell me that VISCOSITY has always been one of their favorite suppliers, that they’ve grown to trust us for who we are and what we do. Our mission statement is to be our customers’ best supplier, and we all put a lot of emphasis on that. Our mission is something that we stand by. The pandemic hasn’t changed that; our dealers kept working and we kept working in fluid motion alongside them.  

* Cynthia is a proud mother of two and grandmother of three. She has been a valuable member of VISCOSITY for 31 years and is recognized for her commitment, friendliness, and close relationship with clients. She enjoys visiting her son in Florida and her daughter in Tennessee whenever she can and spending time with Carlos, her 8-year-old Chihuahua, and her friends and family at her townhouse in the Southwest Suburb of Chicago.


Women in Agriculture Women have always had a central and significant role in the US agriculture sector, and their integral participation and …

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Trusted Optimal Protection

Ultra traction products Banner
ULTRACTION Premium THF: the best choice for your equipment.

VISCOSITY Oil was founded on the basis of progress and development. We have always been willing to experiment and dip our toes into murky waters in the hopes of finding a niche to thrive, especially when it comes to construction and agricultural solutions, which has been our specialty since day one. Perseverance and resiliency have been our motto for almost 130 years—yes, more than a century! —and that’s how our company has kept working like a well-oiled machine for so long. 

Progress, innovation, and customer satisfaction are the pillars to our continuous success and were the cornerstone for the development of our most well-regarded products. Such is the case with ULTRACTION, our premium synthetic and semi-synthetic THF line that aims to keep your equipment working in fluid motion.

Our Product

ULTRACTION Transmission Hydraulic Fluid was developed by experts of our R&D Lab in 1963 to create an unmatched formula that has been leading the market ever since. It was developed based on the most stringent OEM standards in the industry, meaning it is not only designed to meet very detailed and high-performance requirements, but also exceed these expectations and deliver an even better protection. After all, why settle with the basics if we can provide so much more? 

The main performance advantage of our ULTRACTION THF is water tolerance.  As we all now, water and metal don’t go well with each other; rust and corrosion are two of the greatest enemies for machinery everywhere and it causes malfunctions from within multifunctional transmission if not addressed properly. Water can freeze too, causing damages due to flow restriction and pump cavitation. 

You are probably thinking “well, if I don’t put my machine out in the rain, my transmission is safe”. That is all well and good (keep at it!), but don’t forget that liquid can find its way into our equipment in more discreet ways, such as condensation. That can happen especially if you work under heat or high operating temperatures; it is a natural and inevitable part of the process, but one we’ve taken into account and found a solution too. 

Now, it is important to understand that a transmission hydraulic fluid is not an umbrella; think of it more like a paper towel, one that takes on the excess water that deposits where it shouldn’t be. The better the quality and thickness of the towel, the more it will take in; it will provide you with the necessary absorption and retain the liquid appropriately because it is specially designed to do so. Comparatively, a thin, cheap piece of paper that doesn’t cover the basic standards required to take care of the problem, will probably just give you more to clean after.  

Still unsure? Maybe knowing our formula has passed water volume tests may help to make up your mind. For over 20 years, ULTRACTION has been the only product in the market that has been able to pass a 1% water tolerance test; as a matter of fact, VISCOSITY is the only lab that has been approved and given gold standard to run it. And there is more! We have been working closely with OEMs to create the industry standard for water tolerance that is in place today, and only our ULTRACTION product—and direct predecessors— have been able to pass. You have our word that there is no other product in the market that can claim that is superior to our ULTRACTION formula.

So, not only will you be getting a premium-level, tested, safe product with industry leading water tolerance, but also one that has exceeded the standards for sheer stability and temperature performance, with no additive dropout, no haze, no water separation and no color changes. Its zinc-free* formulation will also ensure not only an extra layer of optimal efficiency, but also environmental protection. 

4S Technology

When it comes to design and formulation, all of our products are based on the same precepts, which we have summarized into four key concepts: Systems, Seasons, Stresses and Surfaces. Yes, it is a bit of a tongue-twister when you say them all together, so, to make things simpler, we just call it 4S Technology.

Having an online presence becomes fundamental, not only as a response to the crisis, but as a way of keeping up with modern times. The consumer’s shift is expected to be rather permanent; people, who were usually reluctant to buy fresh produce online, are now open and even accepting of the possibility.

We want our products to be compatible with ALL systems, to make sure we are covering all the basis when it comes to powered equipment. We also strive to help you in ALL seasons; we know operations are conducted all year long, and we want you to trust you’ll get the best protection regardless of the external weather conditions. Another very important aspect we consider when developing our products are ALL stresses taken on by different machinery; to account for that, we’ve tested our products off-road to deliver the best possible resistance to the intense pressure your equipment takes daily. Finally, we have formulated our fluids to be compatible with ALL surfaces, making it easier to work with materials of different equipment brands.  

Our commitment

Quality and exceeding our costumers’ expectations are at the forefront of our growth. We want to keep providing the best option in the market, but we also want to keep you informed about our products; you can browse our website to view all our portfolio of solutions and contact us to receive assistance and guidance if needed. Remember to always follow your manufacturer’s suggestions on what fluids and lubricants are best for your equipment! 

* The components of this product do not contain zinc. Traces of zinc may be found as a result of the manufacturing process.


Women in Agriculture Women have always had a central and significant role in the US agriculture sector, and their integral participation and …

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why is maintenance important banner


Why maintenance is important
Maintenance: “the key to a cost-effective farming operation”

It comes as no surprise that the current pandemic has put a strain on the production and development of many companies throughout the country. The USDA estimates that production expenses in the farming industry will increase 2.5% for 2021; and added to that is the pressure of making smart investment choices to maintain a steady revenue stream. The focus, therefore, should be in the details; the small changes that can significantly and positively impact the farming process and generate the least loss. In this regard, maintenance and proper care of machinery should be considered a cornerstone.

Farming equipment is not cheap, and different heavy-duty machinery is required depending on the work. A new tractor can cost, on average, between $300,000 and $750,000. On top of that, one must consider at least 5% more to account for annual repairs, any additional associated operating costs, and another 10% annually for the ownership costs such as taxes, insurance, and housing. This is all for a single piece of machinery, which can have an economic life of 15 to 20 years if tended properly. Plows, seeders, irrigation systems, and harrows will all add to that annual cost of production.

Proper maintenance becomes fundamental not only to keep your equipment in shape—which will ensure daily, steady production—but also to avoid damages due to wear and tear, work-related accidents, and extra expenses such as paying for new parts and repair-avoidable malfunctions. Taking good care of your machines will not only impact your business, but it will also ensure less depreciation of value on the equipment.

The role of lubricants

Lubricants must fulfill a series of requirements in order to ensure the proper functioning of the machinery and respond to the harsh conditions in which the different elements of the engine work. These functions are vital to reducing energy consumption and improving engine performance, together with protecting mechanical elements against wear and corrosion, keeping mechanisms clean, and maintaining temperature by evacuating the heat generated in the engine. Having the right lubricant in accordance with the needs of your machinery is crucial for its correct performance and to ensure its longevity.

There are multiple types of engines out in the market, so you can’t just choose any lubricant, as they are not all suitable. Finding the right one for your equipment is vital and, as a result, oil manufacturers must work to develop quality products that meet the standards of each OEM. It is also important to understand the API and SAE classifications, which indicate the degree of demand and viscosity of the lubricant, respectively.

We must remember that oils and lubricants are not miracle workers. An underlying technical problem will not be fixed solely by using better-quality products; however, finding the right one for your engines and parts will help avoid certain concerns and expenses. Low-quality products, though cheaper, can result in overheating, oxidation, and sludge buildup, among other issues, which will, in turn, further damage your machinery.

The chemicals present in low-quality formulas might be diluted or mixed with recycled or virgin-based oils to reduce production costs, and they can be highly contaminating.

A low-performance oil will probably require you to change it more often; this means another expense sooner rather than later. In the long run, a cheaper band-aid type solution will become an expensive headache.

Our alternative

VISCOSITY Oil offers a wide range of premium oils and lubricants aimed to extend the economic life of your equipment. We work with the highest standards regarding testing and formulation for both our formulation processes and products, centralized under our Quality Management System (QMS) Policy and HSE Policies, ensuring their effectiveness. Our emphasis in agricultural solutions and innovation has placed us as a reliable choice, providing our customers with high-performance, safe, and money-saving products, developed to protect your equipment from damages such as corrosion, cold, mechanical stress, and wear.

Visit our Products section and learn more about all the alternatives we have for you!


Women in Agriculture Women have always had a central and significant role in the US agriculture sector, and their integral participation and …

The Bee Effect: Keeping the World Abuzz   The Bee Effect: Keeping the World Abuzz We have all heard about the “butterfly …

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Meet Matt

Meet Matt

know our people

“Building strong relationships with our clients is an extension of the way we do business”

My relationship with VISCOSITY started 34 years ago in 1986 when I began my career working in a dealership that successfully sold VISCOSITY products through. With ever increasing challenges at the dealership and with a need to maintain a healthy work-life balance while seeking personal growth l was at a cross-roads. Feeling the mid-life call to re-invent myself and not have regrets later in life I left the off-highway machinery industry in 2010 the one I had worked my whole adult life.

Throughout this 24 year work experience at the dealer my relationship with the VISCOSITY team helped me stay grounded as my connections with them grew. VISCOSITY treated dealers differently than their counterparts within the industry, as they sought to develop personal relationships that extended beyond the typical business interactions. When I received an offer to join VISCOSITY’S team in 2012, I was more than happy to accept.

The aspect of my job that I have enjoyed the most is building relationships. When I visit my dealers and see them stressed, I encourage them and share the knowledge that I have gained over the last three decades. It is very heartening to know that they listen to me and that I can positively influence their life by sharing my personal story.

I often travel to visit farmers to discuss and understand their needs in person. Sometimes I would call them and say that I would be arriving earlier for a visit, to which many would respond, “You are always welcome here.” This is the type of relationship that we have. They can feel my passion and they see the support that I can bring to their business. Even though the pandemic has created restrictions and changed the way in which businesses are normally run, it has been comforting to see that these friendships have remained intact.

Supporting one another is crucial in this very demanding industry. Fostering strong relationships with our clients is a natural extension of the way we do business.

Matt Pflieger: Key Accounts and Dealer Development Manager – VISCOSITY

Matt joined VISCOSITY in 2011 with 24 years of prior experience in selling and marketing VISCOSITY formulated products for an OE dealer. He has found his personal work-life balance, spending time with his family and hiking, as well as travelling around the country visiting his clients.


Women in Agriculture Women have always had a central and significant role in the US agriculture sector, and their integral participation and …

The Bee Effect: Keeping the World Abuzz   The Bee Effect: Keeping the World Abuzz We have all heard about the “butterfly …

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